After a snowy winter with freezing temperatures that kept shoppers indoors, many retail store owners are feeling the hit financially. Before spring, it’s a great idea to refresh the signage outside of your retail store to ensure that it is serving its purpose, exciting customers and driving foot traffic.

The Basics of Signage

First, you should go outside and check the basics:

  • Are the signs clean?
  • Are the hours and days listed on the sign correct or outdated?
  • Does your signage include a phone number and website URL?
  • If your sign lights up, are the lights working properly? Is every letter illuminated?
  • Can you read the sign from a distance?
  • Does your sign stand out from the others around it?
  • Does your sign indicate to customers what you sell or what services you offer?

Get Some Attention

If you have a retail store in an area with a great deal of foot traffic, your signage should be designed with attracting customers who are on foot in mind. Sandwich boards or chalkboard signs that advertise your next event or your current lunch specials are a simple way to draw in customers walking by.

Guide Your Customers

Once you have customers in your retail store, you should strategically place signage to guide them through as much of the store as possible. You can add signs to shelves, hang them from the ceiling or use floor decals to guide the way. Your store signs should highlight areas of the store where you want customers to spend the most time.

Add Graphics

Graphics are an essential part of signage. Graphics can build your brand and also tell the customers viewing your signage what they can expect on the inside. Signs that use images, like photographs or logos, get more attention than signs that only have text. When used on posters and temporary signage, graphics can also transition your retail store from season to season.

Keep Your Signage Fresh with East West Sign Group

Designing the right signage for a retail storefront can be tricky without an experienced partner. East West Sign Group knows all about sign design and installation, and we have worked with numerous retail storefronts, restaurants and shopping centers to drive foot traffic and increase sales. To learn more about how we can design the right sign for you, contact us today!