The right business signage can be the difference between a store that visitors ignore and a store with lines out the door. In a recent survey of American households, shoppers ranked business signs second, beating other types of media, in determining where they would choose to spend money. Today we’re discussing four of our best tips for making an impact with business signage.

Visibility Matters

A recent study conducted by the University of Cincinnati found that almost 65% of women 18-24 failed to find a business as a result of missing, small or unclear signage. Any business with signs that are covered up by power lines, buildings, trees or other signs could be losing customers as a direct result. The right signage should be visible from every angle customers might approach the building. Choosing a different typeface, color or lighting might help your sign stand out from the pack.

Less Is Often More

Signs that are overwhelming and cluttered could lead customers to assume that the inside of your business is just as confusing and messy. On a subconscious level, cluttered design creates stress in customers and discourages them from patronizing your establishment. However, if your business sign is designed to be easy to read and features high-contrast colors and fonts, customers will trust your brand and authority. When designing a sign, as a rule of thumb you shouldn’t include more than 7 words.

A Different Point of View

Customers have different views of the same sign depending on where and how they see it. Someone driving by your business will have a completely different perception of your signage than someone walking by from the opposite direction. Design your sign so that it is readable and attractive from every direction and easy to read for customers no matter what speed they are traveling.

Signage Is Part of a Good Marketing Strategy

The sign outside of your business is one of the first things that your customers will see. As your brand changes and evolves, your signs should evolve right along with it.

Great Business Signage from East West Sign Group

Finding the right business signage can be hard without an experienced partner. East West Sign Group knows all about sign design and installation, and we have worked with countless businesses to boost business with great signage. To learn more about how we can design the right sign for you, contact us today!