The awning outside of your business sets the tone for people walking and driving by, and it does play a role in the first impression that your commercial storefront makes. The right commercial awning should perfectly complement your brand, be built to last a long time and attract foot traffic. What are the basics of choosing a commercial awning?

Know What Your Awning Has to Stand Up To

This is necessary before you can choose an awning material, fabric or color. What type of weather patterns are common where your business is located? Is your store located in direct sunlight or in a shadier area? Is there a lot of rain in the spring and fall? What about snow in the winter? Your awning should be able to stand up to the weather of your area, so take patterns into consideration before going any further.

Know Local Regulations

Does the town, city or county where your business is located have rules governing commercial awnings? Depending on what the rules are, you may be limited to a certain list of styles, fabrics or colors.

Know Your Brand and Location

You should choose an awning color that works well with the paint color, architecture and style of your building. A commercial awning is great for catching attention, but you don’t want to catch the wrong type of attention. Stay away from clashing colors or cluttered patterns. When selecting a color, you should always choose something that works well with your brand. A classy jewelry store would look ridiculous with a rainbow, candy-striped awning. However, an ice cream parlor could look right at home. The visual that your awning creates should be a natural extension of your brand and other marketing materials.

Know What Fabric Is Right for the Situation

Acrylic fabric is excellent for an outdoor awning because these awnings can repel a good amount of water and stand up well to humidity. These awnings can be manufactured in many colors and patterns that won’t fade easily.

Canvas is another popular material, but it does not hold up to a great deal of wet weather. Canvas awnings will need to be replaced more frequently than acrylic awnings, but these awnings are also less expensive.

High-Quality Commercial Awnings from East West Sign Group

Designing and installing the right business awning can be hard without an experienced partner. East West Sign Group knows all about sign design and installation, and we have worked with countless businesses to boost business with great signage. To learn more about how we can design the right sign for you, contact us today!