The weather is getting chilly, and 2018 is coming to a close, which means it’s time to take a look at the coming year. Just like every year, 2019 will be full of exciting new technologies, shifting consumer preferences and plenty of new signage trends. From textured signs that look and feel like other things to engaging walls designed to tell the story of your brand, there is plenty to be excited about in 2019.

History Walls

This unique type of indoor signage is designed to tell the history of your company or brand by laying out significant events along a central portion of walkway or hallway in your building. These innovative indoor signs help customers get to know who you really are, and universities, corporate headquarters, small businesses, hospitals and schools can all utilize them with ease. Do you have a milestone or anniversary approaching? Commemorate the event with a photographic look at how you have evolved over the years. History walls can be murals applied to walls, wooden signs mounted on walls or even acrylic signs strategically placed throughout a building.

3D Signage

While 3D signage is not the freshest signage trend since it has been around for years, it is growing in popularity and accessibility. 3D signs can create interactive and creative customer experiences, in addition to making a striking impression on everyone walking by. 3D signs can be utilized on the interior or exterior of a business and add plenty of visual interest.

Creative Use of Texture Printing

Texture printing is another signage trend that is gaining popularity thanks to 3D printing technology and new and creative uses. Texture printing can be used to make ADA-compliant signs that include braille for visually impaired people, but it can also be used to add a designer touch to signage. Interesting utilizations of texture printing include adding texture to a basketball on a wall sign at a sports store or feature walls that don’t just look like brick, but that also feel like brick.

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