The blank walls and windows in your business are all canvases waiting to be decorated! Wall decals and vinyl lettering are excellent substitutes for traditional paint and wallpaper, and they make it easy to decorate your business with temporary or permanent signage. While the two products are similar, there are key differences that affect which is appropriate for your business.

Wall Decals

Wall decals are the perfect way to show off a graphic, your logo or your business name inside of your location. These versatile tools are typically repositionable and more flexible in terms of design. Wall decals come in a broad range of shapes and sizes, including full-size wall graphics so you can find the perfect match for your business and needs. Decals can be placed on flat surfaces, like a smooth wall, or on a rough surface like a concrete or masonry wall.

Wall decals are made from vinyl material, and you can use a mixture of colors and patterns on the same decal without issue. Your decal can also be cut into a traditional shape (rectangle, square), cut with precision along the edge of the design while only leaving a small border around it or cut flush with the border of the design.

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl letters are cut individually from a sheet of colored vinyl material with a sticky adhesive background or printed directly on the material digitally. For traditional cut vinyl lettering, rolls are created in numerous solid-color shades. For more modern lettering, any color or pattern can be added to the material before cutting.

Vinyl lettering works beautifully to display information in prominent areas at your business. Decorate your lobby or reception area with your business slogan or use vinyl lettering to label different areas in your store. You can even put vinyl letters on your glass door or on a glass case to label the contents! Vinyl adhesive works the best when it is applied on a clean, smooth surface and, depending on the selection you make, could be applied on glass, plastic, smooth wood or any non-porous surface. If you are planning to use vinyl lettering outside, you should choose an option designed for outdoor use so that it withstands the elements for many years.

Wall Decals & Vinyl Lettering from East West Sign Group

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