Sign height is one of the most important aspects of designing your business signage. Sign size and height, along with font size and color choice, are critical determinants of whether or not a sign with effectively attract attention and guide customers. Thankfully, the United States Sign Council Foundation (USSCF) publishes an annual sign height study designed to help businesses choose the right height for their free-standing signage.

What Factors Influence Sign Height?

According to the 2019 sign height study, the following factors can all influence the appropriate position for free-standing business signage:

  • The type of roadway along which the sign will be placed (highway, residential street, rural road, toll road)
  • Speed of traffic, not just the speed limit
  • Traffic density (taking into account rush hour and high-traffic periods as well as low-traffic periods)
  • The needs and expectations of motorists

Changes in the Newest Sign Height Study

2019’s sign height study has one radical change in how the optimal height is determined—instead of considering the maximum sign height for an area, think about the minimum height necessary to get the message across to motorists. Legibility and visibility are now higher priorities than putting the sign as high as possible.

The New Way to Determine Height

As of this report, the USSCF suggests that you focus on the distance between the ground level and the lowest part of the sign message (not the border of the sign) and not an arbitrary maximum height, Municipalities are expected to consider new legislation or revisions based on the sign height study.

Sign Height Study

For example, Duchess County, NY, requires a maximum height of 4-7 feet at the top of a free-standing sign. However, the maximum height of 4-7 feet is ultimately arbitrary, as the messaging could be lost due to the height of other cars, speed and density. Creating smarter regulations mandating the maximum distance between the ground and the message is a much better idea. When combining sign height minimums and sign area maximums, you can ensure a visually-pleasant and effective result.

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