Selecting the right signage that appeals to kids can be quite a challenge. Ultimately, parents will decide whether or not their child engages with your business. It’s highly important, therefore, to consider ethical principles. As adults, we know when we’re being advertised to. After interacting with ads and signs, we can make an informed decision about entering a place of business. According to the APA (American Psychological Association), most kids under the age of 7-8 aren’t aware of the persuasive intent of marketing. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced this firsthand. More than likely, your child has demanded a product they learned about via advertising. Maybe it led to frustration and some tears when you refused to buy that candy bar or video game.

With that being said, many key businesses are catered towards kids: childcare centers, pediatric facilities, and after-school tutoring programs, for instance. In educational centers, it’s important for kids to understand essential safety signage. Kid-oriented companies such as amusement parks also market amusing experiences to keep kids entertained. The question, then, remains: As we select our signage, how can we be both appropriate, informative, and fun?

Focus on Positive Messages

Let’s say you’re taking your child to a pediatric clinic or a child’s hair salon for the first time. For some kids, unfamiliar situations can seem threatening. No matter what products or services you’re selling, it could be a child’s very first experience. If you’re selecting signage to suit this environment, you want it to be uplifting. Warm, smiling faces, bright colors and a few joyful images can go a long way. Kids need to feel safe and welcome in your place of business, and parents need to know you value their child’s wellbeing.

Use Kid-Friendly Language

In some establishments like amusement parks or toy stores, kids need to know how to access the help they need. Unfortunately, it can be easy for parents to lose sight of their children in locations like these. Having signage that’s aimed at kids can help them find their way. Use simple, down-to-earth phrasing, vibrant primary colors and large lettering to grab their attention. Mascots can also help; children view familiar characters as trusted friends they can turn to.

Always Stay Ethical

If you own a business that is tailored to kids, you have a responsibility to make ethical choices. Market to kids in a way that is tasteful. You will earn the parents’ trust, and they will be more willing to let their children visit your establishment if you demonstrate your concern. When selecting signage for kids, you can include all kinds of exciting ideas such as crazy shapes, cartoon characters, and creative fonts. However, don’t be too excessive and remember your audience. Show what you offer without causing harm, and always stay age-appropriate.

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