If you want to break into the millennial market, it’s important to examine your signage. Millennials are a major demographic group, and they’re taking over many aspects of our society. With that being said, some businesses don’t reach this demographic as effectively as they could. Luckily, millennials are incredibly visual and are constantly seeking ways to express themselves. Here are five tips to help you choose signage that appeals to millennials.

1.     Be Unique

Millennials, who have grown up in a world of McDonald’s and homogenous shopping malls, appreciate uniqueness. They’re drawn to signage that stands out from the crowd. In order to apply this to your business, try thinking outside the box. How can you make your signage original? Rather than look to massive corporations for inspiration, go inward and think about your brand. What makes your business unique, and how can you apply that message to your signage?

2.     Keep it Minimal

Most millennials tend to prefer clean, straightforward designs. This age group cut their teeth in a chaotic world, and they naturally gravitate towards calming environments. Instead of being loud and excessive at every turn, try to tone it down a few notches. Consider a simple color palette, one uniform font, and visuals that convey a direct message.

3.     Use Sans-Serif Fonts

As part of our minimalist theme, we also recommend classic sans-serif fonts for reaching millennials. As an example, take a look at how designer brands have updated their signage over the years. While millennials don’t yearn for designer goods as much as previous generations, they’ve still influenced the market. Brands like Burberry and Berluti, for instance, have exchanged their serif fonts for simple, sans-serif type. Words and phrases are often displayed with capital letters and a small amount of spacing to convey gravitas.

4.     Opt for Organic Colors

Color is important to this age group, as you can probably tell if you’ve heard the phrase “millennial pink.” Certain generations respond differently to specific colors. For millennials, those colors are soft, organic, pastel hues. Consider incorporating light green, periwinkle, and rose gold in your signage to appeal to this demographic.

5.     Share Your Personality

Above all else, millennials appreciate authenticity. They don’t want to be sold to in a way that’s cheap and tasteless. After all, this is the generation that values experiences over material goods. To make your products and services enticing, you’ll have to be yourself. What does your business represent? Is there a narrative you can use in your signage, something that evokes your personality? How did you get started in the business? What do you want young people to know about you as a business owner? These are all things you should be thinking about if you want to appeal to younger generations.

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