Sidewalk signage can be a great way to get attention for your business and increase customer traffic. However, it may not be the right choice for every business. Before you invest in this type of sign, consider the pros and cons to make sure it will be successful.

The Pros of Sidewalk Signage

  • It’s ideal for passers-by. Let’s say you’re walking through a busy thoroughfare. If you’re enjoying your day and strolling along casually, you might walk past some shops without noticing them. Plus, there will be a lot of sights, sounds and smells competing for your attention. Sidewalk signage is an excellent way to capture the interest of pedestrians. People might not look through every shop window they pass, but they’ll probably read sidewalk signs that are right in front of them.
  • You can get creative with text. Whether you choose a chalkboard or a different format, most sidewalk signage includes text. This is pretty common, but you could say sidewalk signage is having a moment when it comes to unique, comedic text. At one bakery, for example, employees put up a sidewalk sign with arrows that read: “Cupcakes this way, no cupcakes that way.” More than likely, you’ve seen a sidewalk sign go viral at one point or another. Show off your artistic skills with a drawing or come up with some hilarious sayings to bring in customers. If your sign stands out, they may even share it on social media.


The Cons of Sidewalk Signage

  • Customers driving by will miss them. Sidewalk signage is designed for a specific, targeted audience. While people walking by tend to notice sidewalk signs, drivers are often too far away to read the text. Usually, they’re too busy navigating the road to notice anything that isn’t at eye level.
  • They won’t be as effective in rural or suburban areas. This type of signage is successful in urban areas due to constant foot traffic. In rural or suburban areas, most people will have to pull over and park to read your sign. While it can work in some situations like roadside produce stands and popular strip malls, sidewalk signage is generally more suited for larger cities and towns.


Sidewalk Signage: Yay or Nay?

Sidewalk signage is a classic marketing tool, and one that will remain popular due to its cost-effectiveness. Signs like these are used to advertise discounts, store events, and freebies or to share quirky puns that attract customers. The possibilities are endless! However, it may be difficult to decide whether or not they’ll work for your business. It all depends on your audience. Will your sign be accessible to customers? Could your business benefit from more walk-ins? Are you located in an area that is conducive to this type of signage? If so, go for it! Since these signs are affordable and customizable, you can experiment with different ideas as you go. If it doesn’t work out or if people seem uninterested, you can always try another type of signage.


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