It’s no secret that signs play a key role in marketing, traffic safety and entertainment. No matter what your goals are, you probably want your sign to be noticeable and distinctive. However, working with an expert sign company is the only way to design a truly professional sign. There are a handful of signage terms that you should know about before you start designing signs for your business.

10 Signage Terms You Should Know About

  1. Aesthetics. Aesthetics refers to a sign’s artful qualities relating to color, design, form, quality and craftsmanship. If your signage looks visually and aesthetically appealing, it will attract more viewers (and potential customers).
  2. Conforming Sign. A sign that meets the standards and regulations of your local government. The materials, design, and installation of a sign must usually “conform to” certain requirements. Otherwise, you may be forced to take it down or alter it. For instance, in the state of Maryland, off-premise outdoor advertising signs are banned on Scenic Byways.
  3. Fleet Graphics. When a business requires vehicle graphics or wraps for multiple company vehicles, they need “fleet graphics”. This is an excellent marketing method as drivers can spread brand awareness without any additional effort. As your employees go about their day, locals in the community will take notice of your vehicle signage.
  4. Variance. This signage term refers to the permission that’s required to hang and install signs that vary from regulated sign requirements. A variance will either be approved or denied during a hearing led by boards and commissions in your area.
  5. Wayfinding. This type of signage guides viewers in the right direction, rather they’re looking for a nearby restroom in an office building or the closest gas station on the highway.
  6. Transformers. Transformers work by filtering voltage and electrical currents down to the levels that a sign’s internal elements require.  They are also known as “drivers” and “power supplies”.
  7. Point of Purchase (POP) Signs. Also referred to as Point of Sale (POS) signs, POP signs are positioned wherever merchandise or services are available for purchase. If you’ve ever viewed a sign placed overtop a discount bin near a store’s registers, you’ve seen a POP sign!
  8. Single-face Signs. This signage term denotes a sign that includes text, images and information on only one side of the material. These are useful for roadway signs, for example, where you want to attract viewers that are facing one direction.
  9. Full Service Sign Company.  A company that offers a full range of signage services. They will direct the process from site selection to engineering, permitting, design, manufacture and installation. Most respected full service sign companies will provide a wide variety of options, such as interior and exterior signage.
  10. Exterior Illuminated Signs. Signage that is lit from the front rather than from within. The source of light is separate from the sign itself. Spotlights are an example of this type of illumination.

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