A sign can only be effective if it’s maintained correctly over time. You want your signage to be a beacon that guides customers in the right direction. When a sign is in disrepair, it can have the opposite effect. The first thing visitors notice is your sign, so if it looks unwelcoming, they’ll associate your business with an unpleasant feeling. From a customer’s perspective, a company who cares about their exterior also takes pride in the way they do business. As a rule of thumb, then, the inside of your business and should match the outside.

Have you been wondering if you need to replace or fix your sign? You should know when it’s time to call a sign repair company to check on the condition of your signage. Here are a few things that might indicate you need sign repair ASAP.

How to Know When You Need Sign Repair

Electrical Problems

Lighting affects the appearance and functionality of your sign. If your signage (or parts of your sign) aren’t lit, customers may not be able to locate your business or read your messaging. A flickering bulb that needs to be replaced is equally off-putting. This may be due to its eerie appearance, which conjures up images of familiar horror films. That isn’t something you want your customers to associate with your business! When any electrical problems are present, this indicates that you need sign repair. Act quickly so that your sign stays effective and welcoming.

Faded or Chipped Signage

Signs are built to last, but they need to be maintained regularly. It’s inevitable that over time, you might see some fading, chipping and cracking. However, many businesses make the mistake of not having it repaired straight away. When signage is damaged in this way, it can make your business look old, outdated and unpleasant. Keeping your business relevant and competitive in the modern marketplace is important. Partner with an expert sign company who can return your sign to its original condition and help you stay up-to-date. Once as you find a business that works for you, they’ll be able to assist you whenever you need sign repair.

Dirt and Grime

It happens: most signs are exposed to severe weather, dirt and debris on a daily basis. It only makes sense that they’ll collect more and more grime as time passes. Keeping your sign looking fresh is easy when you work with an expert sign company like East West Sign Group. Our professionals can educate you on how to keep your sign looking great throughout the year. However, if you need a deep cleaning to root out the dirt, we can assist you with that as well. Get in touch with us and we’ll formulate a plan that suits your needs.

Do You Need Sign Repair? Partner with East West Sign Group Today!

If you’re wondering if you need sign repair, now is the time to address the problem. East West Sign Group is here to help! We are the experts in creating effective business signage, whether it’s more traditional or modern and digital. Our professionals know all about sign design and installation, and we have worked with countless companies to boost their business with great signage. Do you need sign repair as soon as possible? Contact us today!