Visitors often enter your business through the lobby, and hopefully, it’s where you’ll make a great first impression. Lobbies are functional areas that serve as the main point of contact for clients. However, they should be more than functional; a lobby needs to be aesthetically pleasing and well-suited to your brand. Many entrances look dull and ordinary, especially in modern office buildings. You can take your business to the next level with additional signage that pops. With lobby logos, you can supplement your branding, make a strong impact and enhance the look of your workplace.

3 Reasons to Install Lobby Logos

1.     Guide Visitors to Your Reception Area

When visitors enter your establishment, they shouldn’t have to spend too much time finding their way. Instead, they should know where to go immediately so that they can enjoy a seamless, stress-free experience. Lobby logos are designed to highlight reception areas and direct visitors in the right direction with one simple visual. Within a matter of seconds, your clients will be able to speak to a business representative or administrative assistant and move on to their next destination. Whether they need to attend a meeting, check in to a hotel room or sign in for a doctor’s visit, lobby logos are designed to help them on their journey.

2.     Transform a Plain White Wall

There are some signs that are more direct, like exit signs, and there are others, like lobby logos, that allow you to display your branding. With this type of signage, you can get creative and transform an uninteresting space into an exciting one. Add a splash of color to your design or try floor-to-ceiling text to make a statement that visitors remember.

Ultimately, visual cues help us to better understand a business and what it represents. What are you selling? How do you want your clients to feel when they step foot inside your office? The worst thing you can do is leave your lobby bare. If your entryway isn’t memorable or it lacks personality, visitors might not make a return trip.

3.     Promote Your Logo

Business owners spend a great deal of time designing logos that make an impact. Once your creation is complete, you want to use it to get the word out. Whether you use images, symbols or text, your logo design should help customers and clients form associations. When customers see a green, crowned siren on a coffee cup, they immediately think of Starbucks. You can achieve the same result with your logo, but exposure is critical. If no one sees your logo, how can they recognize your brand? Lobby logos provide another opportunity for your logo to be seen.

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