March 18, 2020

COVID-19 Response from East West Sign Group

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, small businesses everywhere will continue to be affected. As part of our commitment to serving our customers and community, we’ve compiled some tips you can implement to maintain steady business in the safest way possible.

For Restaurants:

Clear Restaurant Signage

Although dining-in at restaurants has been either banned or simply discouraged by the CDC, if you are able to keep your restaurant open by offering takeout or delivery options, make sure that your customers are aware! We’re able to produce quick temporary signage to advertise that you’re still open and can bring food directly to your customers. We can provide a variety of signage to ensure that your signs are seen in many locations, including door hangers, postcards or other mailers and lawn signs.

Provide Drive-Thru Alternatives

If you have the space in your parking lot and permission from your landlord, you may be able to provide a temporary drive-thru as another dining-in alternative at your restaurant. Your customers and staff will appreciate this alternative as it provides them a much safer way to access and provide food, as customers won’t need to leave their cars. We can provide branded tents, wayfinding signs, lawn signage, feather signs, postcards and more to advertise your temporary services.

General Business Signage:

Dry Erase Signage

As this situation evolves, there are constant updates and changes you may need to convey to your customers. Using dry erase board signage is an easy way to keep your customers up-to-date with any changes you’re making, like changes in hours, product availability, etc. Consider displaying these pertinent messages on frame panel dry erase boards, near windows or on an easel in a visible location.

Employee and Public Safety Signage

If you’re still able to have customers in your location, you should also display signage outlining hygiene practices, including signs about proper handwashing procedures and any other protocols you’re following to sanitize your location. A reminder that your business has taken several precautions to promote cleanliness and safety will give your customers peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to guarantee public safety.

In addition to these tips, we are also offering signage packages to help businesses clearly display their changed protocols. These signage options are an affordable means to get your message out to the public quickly and remind them that you are still ready to provide them with your excellent services. Check out our flyer for details on pricing and signage options. Please feel free to contact us to inquire more about how we can help your business during this time.

March 18, 2020