Every year, people relish the change of seasons, and holidays provide us with something exciting to anticipate. Whether we’re carving pumpkins or planning a backyard barbecue for Memorial Day, the joys of seasonal activities mean a lot to us. We look back on the traditions we enjoyed in childhood and create new traditions. Holidays and seasons are also associated with memory, nostalgia, and comfort.

As customers, we seek out certain things to take our celebrations to the next level. Now that spring has arrived, you might be looking for gardening tools. Maybe you’re planning a traditional Cinco de Mayo meal to share with family and friends. Earth Day is right around the corner as well, and spring signifies an appreciation for nature and sustainability. Businesses can use these festive events and concepts to engage their audience. 

Fun seasonal signage is a great way to attract consumers and create an inviting atmosphere for your business. Learn how to incorporate seasonal signage into your marketing strategy to attract and retain customers all year round with these ideas.

Engage Your Customers with Fun Seasonal Signage

Promote Seasonal Products and Services with Decals

Starbucks isn’t the only business that can benefit from seasonal items like pumpkin spice lattes! No matter what type of business you own, you can find ways to promote products and services for every season. Lawn care businesses advertise pruning in spring, mowing in summer, and leaf raking in fall, for example. A toy store might create signage for pool toys in summer and entertaining video games just in time for Christmas. A cosmetics retailer might use holidays like spring break to advertise sunscreen and hydrating lotions.

You get to decide what to advertise and how to give it a seasonal twist. Window and vehicle decals as well as outdoor signage help spread the word. You can also include seasonal symbols (color-changing leaves in fall, candy canes in winter) on your decals to set the mood.

Get Ready for Your Busy Season with Wayfinding Signs

Most businesses get a little more busy than usual at a certain time of the year. When it comes to wedding season, bakeries and floral shops are in high demand. Grocery stores are infamously crowded in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. During times like these, customer satisfaction is more important than ever. Long lines, sold-out items and lengthy wait times over the phone can cause frustration. Fortunately, you can make things easier (and uplifting) with seasonal signage that’s informative and uplifting. Wayfinding signage should guide customers, making it easier for them to find pick-up locations and service desks. However, you can also include light-hearted, cheerful phrasing to keep customers happy.

Add Something Special to Your Outdoor Signage

You can give your outdoor signage a seasonal touch in spring, summer, winter, and fall. Of course, the winter holidays might serve as the best example. In addition to tinsel-covered trees, holiday lights make winter holidays like Christmas feel special. When customers come across an eye-catching storefront that’s decked out for the holidays, they’re much more likely to step inside. Wreaths, string lights, and greenery on your outdoor signage create a cozy, warm atmosphere that customers love. Best of all, you can brainstorm creative ways to keep the fun going all year long. We associate certain things with different seasons, and they don’t all have to relate to holidays: colorful flowers are reminiscent of springtime, sunglasses and cool drinks symbolize summer, and fall brings a roaring fireplace to mind. You can incorporate these images into your outdoor seasonal signage to boost customer engagement.

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