Every business needs the right interior and exterior signage to provide customers with guidance, attract new clients, and keep everyone safe. However, one of the biggest factors in how effective your signage becomes is sign design. What are some of the basics of sign design that every business owner should understand?

What Are the Types of Signs?

All signs are not the same, as the ones that you use to find where to park in a parking garage serve a different purpose and need a different sign design than the signs that you might see reminding employees of handwashing laws in the bathroom at a restaurant. Some of the most common sign categories include:

  • Informational (regulations, times, rules, contact information)
  • Identification (name, section, unit, building)
  • Safety (danger, exit, keep out, warning, low clearance, slippery)
  • Regulatory (laws or ordinances that need to be posted on-site)
  • Directional (turn left or right, go up or down, merge)

You might notice that some of these categories are combined on different types of signs depending on the context – this is totally normal! In many cases, a directional sign that tells you to turn left also includes information identifying where you are. It is completely okay to mix types of signs.

Where Will the Sign Be?

Another one of the most important considerations of sign design is the final resting place of the sign. Some business owners think solely about the location of the sign, like whether it will be located on top of the awning at the business or on the side of the wall. However, there are tons of other things that need to be considered. For example:

  • How far away people will be viewing the sign from
  • How much space the sign can take up
  • If there are any unique viewing condition considerations that need to be made, like if it will be posted in an area with trees that may cover it during certain seasons
  • If there are any restrictions on what colors and fonts can be used, like in an area with an HOA or a historic district
  • If there are any regulations that determine what size or shape the sign can be
  • What your budget is
  • How windy the area is

What Sign Design Considerations Matter When Printing Your Sign?

Beyond sign purpose and sign destination, you should also think about the more obvious parts of sign design, like how the sign itself will look. When making your sign, think about:

  • Do not use more than two or three fonts (including your logo)
  • Make sure there is sufficient contrast between the fonts and background for legibility
  • Ensure your sign design has a good balance of positive and negative space
  • Adjust the kerning so that characters are evenly spaced
  • Work with professionals like East West Sign Group

Partner with the Pros at East West Sign Group

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