The signs that you choose for the inside and the outside of your business can make a big difference, whether they are designed to help attract foot traffic or help people find their way around your store. One of the most important elements of any business sign is your logo. What are some of the factors that you should consider when designing your signs?

Is Your Logo Appropriate?

First, you should consider if your business logo is appropriate to be alone on a business sign. For example, if your logo is in a script typeface, it might be challenging to read when driving by if you don’t put additional information in another font. Consider where your sign is going to be installed when thinking about whether or not an additional bold, solid, sans-serif font could be appropriate. Driving by at 50 mph is totally different than walking around inside your business.

Is Your Logo Too Thin?

Another consideration for your business sign is how thick or thin the lettering in your logo is. Many businesses now have minimalist logos that focus on the text, but text that is too thin or faint can be hard to read from far distances. When creating your business signage, it can be more appropriate to make the font slightly bolder or deeper for legibility. We can assist you in determining the perfect way to display your logo without losing what makes it special.

What Proportions Are Right?

When you are placing your logo on a business sign, you should also consider the proportions and sizing of the logo and the name. Unless your logo is very recognizable, like Nike, you don’t want it to overshadow the company name and other information. By including your business name with your logo on signage, you can help people passing by associate them with one another and help anyone trying to find your business.

Where Should You Put the Logo?

Finally, when designing your business sign you should also think about where to place it on the sign itself. If you are designing a billboard, customers will expect the logo to be on the bottom half or lower corner of the sign. However, if you are creating interior or exterior signage, you should place the logo in the top left, the top right, or the top center.  

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